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Mozilla Launches Firefox Developer Edition


Earlier this month, Mozilla teased an upcoming version of Firefox specifically for developers. It’s now released Firefox Developer Edition.

The browser replaces the Aurora channel in the Firefox Release process, and features will land in Developer Edition every six weeks, just like Aurora. This is after they have stabilized in Nightly builds.

Developer Edition gives developers access to tools and platform features at least twelve weeks before they reach the main Firefox release channel. It will also include experimental tools.

“For example, the Developer Edition includes the Firefox Tools Adapter, which enables you to connect the Firefox developer tools to other browsers such as Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS,” Mozilla says.

The browser uses a separate profile from other versions installed on your computer so you can run the alongside one another. Default preference values are tailored for web developers. Chrome and remote debugging are enabled by default, for example.

You can download and learn more about Firefox Developer Edition here.

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