Today is Friday, 24th November 2017

Google Tag Manager Gets New API, Interface, Templates

Google tags gets some great updates…

Google announced the launch a new Tag Manager API as well as a new interface for it, and some more third-party templates. The company expects these to make both marketers and IT teams happy.

“Many large enterprises use Google Tag Manager to streamline and simplify website and mobile app tagging,” says product manager Lukas Bergstrom. “It helps marketers control the end-to-end process of adding website tags, while IT departments save time they can spend on more strategic projects.”

The new Google Tag Manager API lets users customize infrastructure, and makes it easier to manage user access in bulk.

“It’s easy to set permissions for many users at once, or set up your own role-based permissions and let the API give the right level of access to the right people in your organization,” says Bergstrom. “Agencies can use the API to easily manage large tagging setups for their clients: create a master container template, specify variations (such as the domain, or the ad campaign ID) in a Google Sheets doc, and use the API to automatically deploy to multiple containers and keep those containers in sync.”

The interface updates include a simpler default workflow, instant search and autocomplete, and new keyboard shortcuts.

More third-party templates will start appearing in the tag creation flow in the coming weeks.

This article was published on Oct 15th, see the article here..


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