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5 iPhone Games You Should Supersize on Your iPad

iPhone and iPod touch users who just added Apple’s third device to their inventory of gadgets know that the out-of-pocket expense on the iPad itself could eventually pale in comparison to the total cost spent on applications.

For those of us left with much less discretionary income after purchasing our pricey product, we need to maximize our iPad app budget. Thankfully Apple promised that most the applications we already know and love would work on the iPad too. Practice has proven a tad disappointing with some of these apps, but we have found a number of iPhone games that sparkle on the big screen.

Here are five that you should definitely try out on the big screen. What other iPhone/iPod touch games have you found to look beautiful on the iPad?

1. Bejeweled 2

Some iPhone games just look amazing and play spectacularly on the iPad even though there may not be an iPad equivalent just yet. PopCap Games’ iPhone version of their popular online game Bejeweled 2 is a testament to that notion, and speaks to how games we loved in miniature form can transform themselves and be even more entertaining double-sized.

If you’re already familiar with the game and own the iPhone version, make sure to add it to your iPad’s app collection immediately. Even though Bejeweled 2 [iTunes link] on the big screen only offers a bigger experience, bigger is most certainly better in this case. Bigger diamonds and bigger action translate into an immersive experience that both enthralls and infuriates when you’re racing against the clock in Action or Blitz mode.

If you’re new to Bejeweled 2, the game was made for the iPhone/iPod touch and sells for $2.99. It offers a captivating variation on a now classic game (even my mom loves it), and you can wuss out on the Classic and Endless versions, challenge yourself with the Action game, or compete with Facebook friends in the one-minute, action-packed Blitz version.

2. The Sims 3

EA has been fast to adapt a plethora of their games for the iPad, but no such luck for fans of The Sims. Those of us, however, that shelled out $6.99 for the iPhone/iPod touch version of The Sims 3 [iTunes link] (because we just love our Sims) should certainly add that app their iPad for a much larger Sims experience.

The transition over to the iPad isn’t totally seamless and you won’t be able to access or import the Sims characters you’ve already nurtured or tortured on your iPhone, but if starting fresh sounds like fun, you won’t be disappointed. Game play is exactly the same, with zero hiccups, and you’ll still be tasked with creating and growing a Sim.

The big bonus is that the size constraints of the smaller screen are non-existent. Just imagine being able to maneuver your Sim, redesign your house and socialize with the neighbors in giant proportions. It’s a marvelous experience for those of us who have come to appreciate the pleasantries of playing The Sims with our fingers but just want more room to do so. As our Sims would say, nevel boobsinorb (though we’re not sure on the actual Simlish spelling).

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