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Mozilla Launches Firefox Developer Edition


Earlier this month, Mozilla teased an upcoming version of Firefox specifically for developers. It’s now released Firefox Developer Edition.

The browser replaces the Aurora channel in the Firefox Release process, and features will land in Developer Edition every six weeks, just like Aurora. This is after they have stabilized in Nightly builds.

Developer Edition gives developers access to tools and platform features at least twelve weeks before they reach the main Firefox release channel. It will also include experimental tools.

“For example, the Developer Edition includes the Firefox Tools Adapter, which enables you to connect the Firefox developer tools to other browsers such as Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS,” Mozilla says.

The browser uses a separate profile from other versions installed on your computer so you can run the alongside one another. Default preference values are tailored for web developers. Chrome and remote debugging are enabled by default, for example.

You can download and learn more about Firefox Developer Edition here.

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By · Published on November 10, 2014

Mozilla And Facebook Testing Social API In Firefox Beta


Mozilla has had a hand in developing many of the Web APIs that ChromeFirefox and others have been implementing over the last year. The non-profit company is now developing its latest Web API that has the potential to make a big splash on the Web.

Mozilla announced today that they’re working with Facebook to bring their new Social API to Firefox Beta in the coming weeks. In essence, the API allows developers to integrate deep social experiences right into the browser without the need of plugins. Here’s how Mozilla describes it:

Much like the OpenSearch standard, the Social API enables developers to integrate social services into the browser in a way that is meaningful and helpful to users. As services integrate with Firefox via the Social API sidebar, it will be easy for you to keep up with friends and family anywhere you go on the Web without having to open a new Web page or switch between tabs. You can stay connected to your favorite social network even while you are surfing the Web, watching a video or playing a game.

Facebook will be partnering with Mozilla in the initial beta test. That means that beta testers will be able to access Facebook messenger in the Social API. Now Facebook users can chat it up with their friends without having to be on Facebook proper.

Facebook is just the beginning. Mozilla wants the Social API to be one of the centerpieces of the Firefox experience by “integrating social networks, email, finance, news and other applications.”

You can read up on the Social API here before it’s introduced in the upcoming beta. I’m sure developers are already thinking up ways to take advantage of the new API.

The Future Of Firefox Mobile

New version will hopefully launch alongside Firefox 11


Firefox Mobile has been pretty great to me so far, and I’m sure it has been the same for the 8 million plus users who have downloaded it. While it’s not moving from Android anytime soon, it would be good to know where the platform is heading in the future.

Chris Lord, one of the developers for Firefox Mobile, updated his blog today to give us a look as to what he and Firefox mobile team is working on now. The major news is that the team is completely rewriting the Android version of Firefox. This is because Firefox is now a “native” Android app instead of an XUL app. One of the key advantages to this is that the app will start up much faster now.

They are completely changing the platform as well. This means switching to a multi-threaded application model and switching from a Java-based view compositor to a native-code off-main-thread-compositor. This allows them to directly composite the layers that make up a page on the platform.

The team is currently now working on fixing the bugs present in the mobile version and hoping to get that all sorted out as soon as they can. Once they do get the new version up and running, users can expect “smooth, 60FPS updates, excellent interactive performance, excellent Web standards support and a polished native feeling application.”

Coincidentally, Chris Lord and Lucas Rocha of the Firefox Mobile Team were at FOSDEM last month to talk about the very same thing – The State of Firefox Mobile. While there is not video of the talk, they have uploaded the slides and speaker notes of the talk to give you a better idea of what the future holds for the platform.

The plan was to have the new version of Firefox Mobile ready when Firefox 11 launched. Unfortunately, they have missed that mark as Firefox 11 launched last week. Now we just wait for the new version to be ready when it’s ready.


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10 Ideas to Get More Comments on Your Facebook Posts


So, you’ve built a Facebook presence for your company or organization, you’ve added tons of fans, and now you wonder, what’s next? Sure, you use your Facebook page to share the latest news about your company and to reach out to new customers, but most of the time your page just sits there. Look at some of the big Facebook pages, what do they have going for them that you do not? The answer is interactivity. The best Facebook pages are those that have posts, likes and especially comments from the fans. Therefore, if nothing exciting is going on, here are some ideas, fun and practical, for posts you can make to get your fans talking back.

1. Spoilers

This is one of the best ways to build suspense and excitement about your product or service. Give your fans a taste of what is coming up, without completely giving it away. Similar to a movie trailer or promo spot for a television show, pique their interest.

2. Personal Insight

Use your Facebook posts to give your fans a little insight into who you are as a person. People want to relate to the products and services they use, and if they learn more about the person behind the page, they will feel that connection with you.

3. Topical Jokes

Find jokes, comics or puns related to your company or industry. Generally if people bother to “like” your page, they at least have a passing interest in the field you’re involved with. This may take a bit of effort on your part, but find posts to make your fans smile.

10 Ideas to Get More Comments on Your Facebook Posts

4. Links

Along the same lines, share useful and fun links with your fans. You do not want to bombard them with hundreds of messages like this, but if you find a useful app, page or even an amazing video, do not be afraid to share it with your fans.

5. Challenges

This is especially useful for Facebook app pages, but can be adapted for nearly any page. Challenge your fans to beat a high score, discover new content or add something to your page. People naturally want to prove themselves and a challenge is sure to appeal to those with a competitive side.

6. Contests

You do not have to offer anything major, but hold a drawing, ask a trivia question or any otherwise host a contest for your fans. Just giving away a T-shirt with your logo or a credit for your services will encourage your fans to jump in and participate.

10 Ideas to Get More Comments on Your Facebook Posts

7. Requests for Input

Very few companies actually solicit advice from their customer base, and this is a shame. Ask your customers what you can do better, what products or services they are looking for or anything else on which you want input.

8. Holiday Wishes

Take time to wish your customers and fans a happy holiday. You don’t have to limit yourself to the more typical holidays. Wish your fans a happy Chinese New Year, Cinco De Mayo or even “Talk Like a Pirate Day.”

9. Fun at the Office

Another way to prove yourself as a “real” person instead of just a faceless corporation is to give your fans an insight into the company. Take some pictures of you and your staff at work or play and share these with your fans.

10. Commentary on Current Events

This is one you want to be careful with, you likely want to avoid strong political leanings, but mentioning current events is always a great way to get people talking; everyone has an opinion.

These are just a few of the types of posts you can make that will get your fans interacting on your Facebook fan page. If your page is more interactive, not only will your current fans be more likely to come back and check out what’s new, they may share your posts on their own feed, which will lead new fans directly to your page. Take the time to make regular posts on your Facebook page so it does not become stagnant, and you are certain to reap the benefits of a larger and more active fan base.

10 Must have Qualities of a Website to Become a Successful Brand

In today’s internet driven era where each user is inclined to search for services and products online. It is essential to have a powerful online presence. At this juncture it becomes essential to design a website that is supportive of the products and services as well. This should not only leave good impression upon the visitors but also compel them to come again and avail the services. Not only this, in today’s world where the memory of a consumer is short lived and is continually being bombarded with various messages, it becomes essential to be able to reach out. This means that the customer must be given various reasons to visit the website and check out the products again and again.

The most important aspect of online presence is creating a relevant brand presence and strong brand image. It is more about letting others know that you exist on the World Wide Web, and the presence should be such that it leaves a deep impact. It is about design and development that serves as the structure of what is being conveyed online.

Through this article you would be given a good view about the must have top 10 qualities that a website must incorporate for successful branding. Following these given pointers you would be able to create a successful brand presence in the minds of customers. This would then lead to a good transaction, various relevant business association and even customer retention.

1. Creating Brand Importance

1. Creating Brand Importance

Branding is very important to reach far and wide to your niche market. It is all about spreading vital information to your viewers as well as loyal customers. Furthermore, it is essential to remember that the customer needs to be regularly reminded about your brand. For this purpose one needs to focus upon sending messages utilizing various media vehicles. Advertising, newsletters, blogs and even e-mailing are some of the essential features that go a long way in creating brand importance.

2. The Brand Is Everything

2. The Brand Is Everything

It is all about ‘the brand’ then why not focus upon creating a strategy around the brand promotion. It is just like when it comes to coffee the first thing that comes to the mind is Starbucks. This name has become synonymous with coffee and is evident of the fact that the customer relates to it. Similarly when designing a website for creating brand one must keep in mind about the impact it is going to cause on the audience. It must be able to relate to the customer demands. After all you would like your brand to speak for your business. So the best way to create a website that is appealing to the visitor on one goes with pictorial representation as well as graphics that would immediately appeal to the visitor.

3. Website reflecting the Brand’s Creed

3. Website reflecting the Brand’s Creed

A good website is all about reflecting the brand’s creed. This would initially involve the development of a branding strategy and based upon it would be its website that would focus upon identifying the brand’s (the business’) core values. The designing should be such that the customer or the visitor must be convinced that any kind of transaction will lead to customer satisfaction. For this purpose one can include testimonials. These would act like a boost to the company’s image.

4. Carrying out a research

4. Carrying out a research

Whenever one is focusing on brand image it is essential to check out on the current market scenario. This is important to be able to stay up to date when it comes to designing or utilizing the prevalent theme. It is important to research beforehand and understand the strategies that are being used by the competitors to lure the audience.

5. It is all about Target Audience

5. It is all about Target Audience

It is important to understand the mindset and the psyche of the target audience. This way the brand presence will become more effective. The website should be designed keeping in mind what the audience would like to hear and see. You should be able to succeed in giving out a good brand proposition.

Here you need to keep in mind following questions:

Who is your target audience? What does your target customers presently requires? What does your competitor presently offer? How can your products/services fulfill the need better? Are you able to send across a more proactive, vociferous, clear and crisp message to your target audience, in contrast to your competitors?

6. Developing a Brand Statement (Brand Proposition)

6. Developing a Brand Statement (Brand Proposition)

In order to develop a Brand statement one needs to precisely understand the concepts of brand proposition and present the same in a way that it appears meaningful to target audience and more importantly provide them with a solution to their requirements. So, not only the design but the overall look and feel must be so much engaging that the visitor or the client must be able to find meaning to it. It should be something that will give a reason to the customer to be associated with the company. A complimentary service or a USP that gives a value added service to the customer.

7. Creating an imprint on customer

7. Creating an imprint on customer

It is essential to create an impact or imprint in the memory of the customer. For this it is essential to design the website accordingly. It should be able to display products and services in best manner. This can be given on the home page of the website to attract customers.

8. Deliver the Unexpected

8. Deliver the Unexpected

Well, developing a website has a great focus on what actually is offered by the company. One need not be superfluous in language or content. Embellishing the website may be useless if the customer is not able to find what they are looking for. It is about the service or the product that must reach out to the customer. So any exclusive services or offers should be displayed in an attractive manner on the website in order to let the customer know about the extra credits that they are getting.

9. Winning the Hearts and Minds

9. Winning the Hearts and Minds

It is important to create a positive emotional attachment to the brand in the following manner:

  1. Aligned with the brand’s core values
  2. It must be Unique and Relevant to your target audience
  3. Able to incorporate an element of emotional attachment
  4. Always maintain a connection and consistency in the messages and values while conveying the same across different marketing and advertising channels like online media, print and etc. 
  5. Whatever is being conveyed to the audience must be loud and clear.
  6. Echoed by strategic partners
  7. Able to adapt to a changing marketplace

10. Captivating presence

Captivating presence

The message conveyed should be presented in an engaging, relevant, and consistent manner Remember one thing that developing the most effective and appealing design it is important to captivate the audience. But this doesn’t means that the text displayed should be colorful and in varied font styles. This seems more like distracting. It should be consistent and uniform in font style, color and simplistic in style.

All the above given tips must be incorporated when it comes to designing an effective website that would serve the rightful purpose of creating relevant brand position.

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